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About Farmstand.TV


After building her own successful community farmstand (Mini Barn Market), Carissa was inspired to highlight the thriving farmstand culture of the Ramona area.  From her inspiration she created Farmstand.TV, a show designed to provide a personal tour of hidden & interesting places in Southern California, where people can source healthy local food and goods


Quick, engaging, and informative, our farmstand tours help you plan your trip through our beautiful network of natural food.  Please subscribe to our YouTube channel below for regular updates and farmstand tours.

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Take a journey through the beautiful countryside of Ramona, California, located just 35 minutes north-east of downtown San Diego.  A rare and vibrant escape from the city, with over 45 wineries, 20+ Farmstands and dozens of other attractions, you'll quickly learn why Ramona is a unique and special place.  Is it the rare geography, visually stunning landscapes, or it's friendly people?  You decide, as Farmstand.tV takes you into the heart of the region to experience what makes Ramona special.

Farmstand.TV brings you the Ramona Farmstand map.  Both interactive, and printed maps help you choose your route through Ramona's Wine & Farmstand country.  On our map we highlight 17 active Farmstands as well as major attractions in the greater Ramona area.  

The illustrated map gives locals, Wine tourists, or those on their way to Julian, a quick overview of the Farmstand landscape.  Our interactive maps allow you to bring up driving directions, or get a photo realistic look at the area via google Earth.  

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